Friday is day 21!


12 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Boerne, TX
My first broody hatch is due on Friday. That would make this day18. When we use an incubator this is called lockdown, so are their any special things I should do to get ready?

Boil water? Sterilize towels?? hehe
Find a really good book, and resist all urges to open that bator is all I've read.
week left for me not to optomistic my first hatch so fingers crossed if 2 hatch i will be over the moon !!
Chittyn: Don't get too pessimistic. Yesterday was day 21 for our first hatch. (Broody hen, no incubator.) Many things went wrong - one egg cracked, leaving a mess all over the remainig eggs; Eggs coming out from under Mama; Another hen laying her eggs under Mama. The shells are brown and green, so we have had no luck candling them. When yesterday came and went with no sign of anything, I pretty much resigned myself to no hatch.

But today, there is pipping, there is chirping! I don't know how many of the 10 will make it, but it looks like most if not all! So hang in there!

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