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    Sep 27, 2015
    We have a flock of 10 hens: 2 barred rock, 2 RIR, 4 mix, and 2 Americanas. We introduced the Americanas about 3 weeks after the other hens got settled in already. Big mistake! It's not that they are getting bullied, it's just that they're outcasted. Is there anything we can do about it? We feel so bad because when the other hens are taking a dust bath, they're off to the side, lonely and sad. [​IMG]

    Thank you in advance!
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Not really too much you can do at the moment. In time they will likely integrate to a greater extent. I have older hens, 7 months old and 4 months old (and 3 days actually i guess) and sometimes they do chicken things together, other times they seem to split into groups according to age - just the way it is I guess.
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    It's actually very common for then to split off together, especially by breed. My original flock all pals around together, and any new additions flock together too. Broodmates will be closer bonded than separate age groups, but within those age groups, they will split off together if there's multiple numbers, I've noticed.

    I wouldn't go so far as to call a chicken "racist" lol, but they do seem like it sometimes :D

    They're not necessarily "lonely", they just don't have " common interests" ha-ha ;)

    As they grow older and reach laying age, they'll have a change of heart, and everyone will get along, but the BRs and the EEs will probably not ever be the best of friends. There's already a lead hen, and pecking order is being established, so they will all fall into place by maturity.
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  4. I also just introduced two new hens!
    An Ameruacana and an Orpington. They are also out casts. My 9 hens and rooster chum around enjoying themselves and the other two hang back together, either in the coop or in the run. Its like watching the mean kids on the playground!
    No one is really mean to them, just act disinterested in them.
    I hope in time they join the flock!

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