Friendliest Goose Breed??

Sep 13, 2019
My parents have agreed that when we move that I'm allowed to get 2 geese but that if they attack mom that they will become meals. I told her that they'd be locked inside their secured yard but she thinks they'll find a way to escape. She said all geese are aggressive.

What is the friendliest breed??
She's right!
Definitely, NOT buff pomeranian, ours is a great guard for our chooks, but he's beyond aggressive so he's locked up in a pen by himself cause he'll shoo away other animals, such as ducks from the pools and house.
We don't have the heart to give him away cause he is good protection from chicken-eating animals, and he was an easter present from our aunt...
Plus someone my nana knew had house guard geese and they were so mean.

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