Frizzle/Frazzle question: How soon can you tell the difference?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Falena, Feb 15, 2015.

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    So, I just hatched a clutch a little over a week ago, and have ended up with a handful of Frizzles (Cochin/Silkie cross). I'm paranoid about possible Frazzles though, and was wondering how soon one could tell if a Frizzle is actually a Frazzle. A few of my Silkie hens came from a breeder that was working on Sizzles, and I'm not sure whether they carry the gene or not. There is a Frizzle Silkie/Cochin cockerel in with them, and if I do have any that are Frazzled, I'd much rather euthanize them than mistakenly sell them.

    *edit* Ok... did some more digging... I think my fears are unfounded since Mr. Cockerel hasn't bred a Frizzled hen... if I'm understanding my genetics properly. [​IMG]
    My question still stands though. I'd like to know if there is a general guideline to tell if a chick is a Frazzle or not.
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    Something else to look for is the general width of the feathers. On frizzles, the feathers will be a normal width, like a regular feather, just with a flip. With frazzles I've seen and owned, their feathers are really skinny and don't "lock together" like normal feathers to completely cover them (I hope that makes sense). Keep in mind though, that not a frizzles are created equal. Feather quality can vary from bird to bird, some are definitely better than others.
    And yes, your findings are correct. As long as two frizzles aren't bred together, all is well (even if a frizzle is bred to a smooth bird that has a frizzled parent) :)
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