Frizzle mixed breed questions and The Spot Check Thermometer

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    Oct 7, 2014
    Im about to get this incubator in the next few days: (and any information on them will help) and i am planing to get this:

    Becouse of the bad reviews on the thermometer.
    Now to the breeds, I have a frizzle rooster (the one in my profile picture )in with some Rhode Island reds, barred rock, production red, silver laced hens. I have a Dominique rooster with a production red an a Easter Egger. Im planning to use eggs from both my pens and i want to see some of the mixes that might happen pictures are always helpful for those who have the mixes *wink*wink*. For my frizzle rooster pen what would the percent of them would be frizzed?
    Thanks for the replies in advanced :bow
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