Frizzle X Silkie genes?

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    My daughter crossed her 4H show chickens, black frizzle roo with her blue silkie. She is trying to figure out the genetic part of all this and we could use some help! We ended up with black and blue frizzles, straight black and blue chicks. We don't think any of them are silkie except for the characteristics of head feathers, black legs, 5 toes, etc. If they are totally frizzled they don't have silkie feathers right? And what exactly is a sizzle? Not sure what we have, there is so much confusing info on the web. We know the frizzle genes of FF and ff but throw in the silkie and blue and are lost. Please help!! She is trying to do a gene poster.
    Thanks so much. I will have to add pics later. They are so cute.
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    Feb 21, 2007
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    I am no expert, but I have asked all those same questions and here is what I understand. If you bred your frizzled to a silkie you can get either straight feathers or silkie feathers and of course you can get silkie characteristics or those of the frizzle (was it a cochin?) Anyway, if you turn around and breed the black or blue silkie cross back to the frizzle, you should get some frizzles with silkie feathers and some sizzles from that breeding. A sizzle is a silkie that has regular feathers that is frizzled. You can't breed a frizzle to a frizzle, but those chicks that came from a frizzle breeding have one gene from a frizzle and if bred back to a frizzle will produce frizzle (some silkie feathers and some regular frizzled feathers, or a sizzle) I hope I did not make it sound more confusing. I don't know the exact percentages or anything. But I think the longer you do that in your breeding program, the more silkie characteristics you get and the more potential for sizzles and frizzles. Hope that helped. And if I put something wrong, someone please step in here. Like I said, I am still new to all of this. As for the blue and black genes, you can go to and there is some info there on that and is very helpful. Here is a pic of my sizzle roo, hope it helps.


    and a blue frizzled chick


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    The bird in the last puc is a Blue Silkie Frizzle. It has silkie feathering as well as Frizzle feathering. That is a very pretty bird as well.

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    [​IMG] Thanks. Yes, she is a frizzled silkie. Forgot to put silkie. And I have another one that I think is a roo just like her. Of course I have some that are just silkie and then the one sizzle. I will have to seperate them into seperate pens for breeding if I keep the frizzled pullet so that I don't have frizzle X frizzle or sizzle X frizzle. So I have some decisions to make. Thanks again. I hope I helped make it a little clearer for bixpak. I have learned so much from Jaynie in N. AL who is a member of BYC and the person I got many of my eggs from.


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