Frizzled after molt?


Oct 23, 2017
Southern Arizona
(Not sure if this is in the right forum. If not, please let me know.)
Ok, so about a year ago, I got two seramas from a local show. They were from the same hatch, same parents, all that. Both were smooth feathered. Fast forward to this fall. One of them (who I call Bean) went through a huge molt. Feathers everywhere, bare patches for weeks, etc. Her sister (Pipsqueak) when through a smaller molt, and grew in some nice feathers very quickly. After almost a month of this, Bean started to grow in all her new feathers. However, many of them (not all) had a sort of frizzled look to them? I'll post some pictures in a minute. Has anyone ever had this happen? She has showed no sign of frizzled feathers in the past. I have no idea why this might have happened. Any ideas?
Alright, here are some photos from this weekend. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of her molt, didn't think I would need them.


Here she is the day I got her.
I checked for any external parasites as well, thinking it might be a weird reaction to lice or something, but they're all good. I also gave the coop a precautionary treatment a couple months ago.
They have a constant supply of layer pellets, grit, and calcium (in separate containers). Meal worms and vegetable scraps are given as treats, and I allow them to free range as much as possible (lots of predators in our area, so I have to be home). They also get plenty of cockroaches and grubs from our compost. I haven't noticed any feather issues in any of the others.
Interesting. Perhaps you have a pop up of the original frizzle gene.
After all, the mutation had to have come from somewhere.
Alright, here are some photos from this weekend. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of her molt, didn't think I would need them.

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Sure does look frizzle now. :confused: I haven't seen that before. Definitely interesting. Another option is she's still growing out her feathers and they are currently messy. I would switch off a layer during the molt. In my experiences bantams should be fed a non medicated grower as they don't need all that extra calcium in a layer because they don't lay a lot of eggs. Their calcium needs can be met with a separate bowl of oyster shells. The extra protein in the grower will help with growing new feathers too.
Okay, thank you! I have some chicks on grower feed right now, so I'll switch the bantams over as well. I might also mix in a little bit with the layer pellets for the bigger girls. I'll give it some time to see if her feathers calm down.

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