Frizzles 'R Us...


15 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Scenic Jackson New Jersey
A hearty HEY to any of you that followed my hatcing saga on the other part of the forum... Tuesday and Wednesday were wildly emotional and yet almost Holy days. I had to assist a couple of the babies that tried to exit the narrow end of the egg - everyone is doing fine. This morning I moved them all into the brooder


and they've eaten their first starter, taken their first drinks and spend their time playing and sleeping... What a joy to see these little guys run to the brooder door when they see me coming... I was the first thing they saw and felt in the big cold world (LOL)...

Hope you enjoy the pics. A special shout out to DANNY who was immensely helpful with advice and calm matter of fact encouragement. Thanks D !!


I think in football this would almost be called a T Formation:

next job is to think of names for all these guys. I already have my incubator sterilized and ready to go for our next batch of eggs... Wow this is sooo addicting, glad my wife approves...

They are all frizzles. We bought a dozen eggs from a seller on EggBid and he sent us 16. He's been great staying in touch and they eggs were like $18.00 with shipping included... We had the eggs 5 days before our incubator got here, I would bet we'd have had better hatch rates if we hadn't had to wait... I'll look on EggBid to see if he's got stuff up, and contact him. You would do fine dealing with him.

FYI the seller has none listed at this time, but I did email him and told him there were folks interested in getting some of his eggs. We'll see if his hens haven't gone broody yet (I know so many folks with broody hens this time of year)...


They are so adorably cute and sweet. Amazes me when I pick them up how doggone light they are.
Yep, even Fonzie is really light. He looks like he's big but it's the feathers! Thanks for looking into the eggs! I will keep an eye out!
Here's Fonzie, sorry I couldn't resist!

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