Frog legs with wild rice and apple sauce


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Apr 17, 2009
Michigan - in the thumb
My chickens are living the high life.

I told my wife to give the left over wild rice and the apple sauce that we cooked the pork chops in to the chickens while I cut the grass.

My daughter and friends found some big green frogs and was playing with them as usuall. I warned them to keep them away from the chickens because they will eat the frogs, and I did not want to deal with a crying 4 year old because her pet frog for a day was ripped apart by chickens.

So while cutting the grass I noticed the chickens chasing each other and one had a big dead frog....sigh.... As I walked up and checked out the action I noticed a paper bowl in the coop...sigh... My wife decided to give the chicken a plate to eat off of not realizing that the chickens will eat the bowl eventually. I grab the bowl and go to find my daughter and ask why they feed the chickens a frog. They act like they did nothing I told them just because the chickens will eat frogs and toads I dont want them feeding them frogs and toads, they might choke on one of those big ones.

As I go back to grab what is left of the frog all I see is 2 feet hanging out one of my hens mouth and then gulp and they are gone. I could not believe she swallowed the whole thing.

I guess I will be getting some interesting tasting eggs in the next few days, If she survives digesting the frog. Ahhh kids if she wasnt so cute I do know what I would do.
Now that...yah, that is a
. If you made up a story like that, nobody would believe it. I totally believe it. Chickens and kids can be very entertaining.
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My four-year-old gave them a slice of pepperoni pizza that he didn't want. It kept them busy for, oh, five whole minutes or so. They were so intent on getting the last particles of pepperoni grease they dug a hole in the middle of the run.
Well, the chicken is still alive and I did not get a doulbe yoker. I still can't believe she swallowed the whole thing. It had to be 3-4 inches long. I thought she might rip some flesh off the frog...but no down the hatch whole.
My BO ate a fairly large garter snake. I couldn't believe it when I saw it hanging out of her mouth, but she gulped it right down - in spite of the other chickens trying to swipe it.

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