Front heavy, butt up in the air?????


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Is she egg bound? When I go to pick her up, she fights like hell (not like the sick ones before her)... That's why I'm not so sure she would be sick, but what is wrong with her? She laid down most of yesterday and hasn't jumped up to roost in 2 days... Any ideas?
Crop bound? I thought I had a hen that was just growing faster than the others, she was getting big, and eating a lot. Then I noticed she was waddling, her crop was what was big. When I picked her up she puked, gross stuff. I researched it and figured she was crop bound, did what they said online. Held her upside down and massaged and lightly squeezed every bit of PUKE out of her. Grass, hay and yuck. I thought she died once, even though I tried to give her plenty of air at one point she had a wad of solid coming out, I tried to lightly pull on it, she did the death flop, my wife said she was dead, I continued and eventually got it out. Gave her chicken cpr, and she came back, AMAZING! I didn't know if she would be OK, her crop was still stretched out. But a month later she looks and acts like any of my other chicks! Crop looks normal! I also fed her lotsa olive oil and greek yogurt after I emptied her this might have helped also. I don't know if this might be something that could be wrong with yours but thought I would let you know just in case. Good luck.
Feel her crop, is it huge? I've never had one egg bound, but I also never had one crop bound before either until this one.
I felt the crop and doesn't feel huge, in fact I can't quite feel it at all.

This is what she does all day and how she looks She doesn't even eat really
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The bulge is her neck all quashed together. She's not cooing or making much noise at all
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So I woke up to this (we brought her inside and put her in our tub- we had to give her a warm bath to loosen the nasty poo all over her) I fed her some yogurt yesterday and fed her some water. She's still not eating and drinking on her own. Any suggestions as to where to go from here?
Not an expert, but look up posts on Coccidiosis, maybe a bacterial infection? I see your not getting any comments, maybe start a new thread? If it is crop bound, crop is blocked and the food never makes it to the stomach. It will need to either be forced out the mouth, or I have heard of surgery to remove the blockage also ( no way could I afford vet bills).
Have you brought in any new birds recently that could have exposed her to coccidiosis? Are your birds on a regular deworming program? Some parasites can cause blood in the stool and worm infestations can cause dirty backsides.
I guess it's good I've been reading BYC and many other sites. I have never heard of coccidiosis and have never wormed a chicken. Is worming necessary? My father raised many chickens for many years and we have never had any problems, untill my crop bound one. I talked to a guy at work that keeps around a hundred hens, he said he has never had a crop bound one live, so I guess I got luckey. We have always kept pretty much a closed flock though, with occasionaly new ones from nearby neighbors or farms. Should I worm my flock?

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