Frostbite - And I Think it's Bad - New Symptoms!

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Southern Wisconsin
    I have a young rooster hatched in July of 2009, and this morning I went to check on them for frostbite because we've been in the negatives for the past couple of days, and I see his entire head and neck covered with blood, blood spattered over the other chickens, blood all over like a freakin' chainsaw massacre. I grab him and bring him inside and get the blood all pulled away, and I can't find a wound other than a frostbitten comb. He was hunched over when I found him, and he's cleaned up now, but still hunched over a bit.

    Two of his tines are completely black, and the back part of his comb (about 1/2 inch) is black/purple as well; the rest was so pale it was a pinkish color. His wattles are black around the edges and very pale. He has poor circulation, when I pinch his comb or wattles a white thumb print stays for a looong time before it returns to its origional color. He has not eaten or drank yet that I can see, but I've forced some water and oatmeal into him just so he'd have something.

    I need to know what to do for him; I am open to dubbing if I need to, he doesn't seem to have any feeling in his comb any more.
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    TLC... and some vasoline on his comb and wattle. [​IMG] poor thing!....
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    Whenever it's going to be below freezing here..or in the 20's, I put Vaseline on both roos and any of the hens that have the bigger combs.
    Doesn't take long and the added rubbing on them seems to keep the circulation going better.
    I'd sure keep him in for a bit and give him some electrolytes in water and even some vitamins for a while. Cook some oatmeal for him, add a bit of
    yogurt and that'll perk him up too.

    Do you have plastic sheeting or something up to keep them from the winds?
    If not, I'd sure do that and also make sure they have enough bedding in there that's really dry.
    Any moisture from bedding seems to make it easier for frostbite.

    Good luck and saying a get well prayer for the guy!
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    Sep 3, 2009
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    I can sympathize, we are battling frost bite too. My big roo has a big spot on his comb, but not as bad as yours seems. I hope you get this under control. Good luck.
  5. bantyhen'sfriend

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Southern Wisconsin
    I've found something else, too. His right ear is a bit swollen, and upon further inspection tere appears to be an abcess, inside the ear behind the lobe. It feels like an eyeball, and is a bit bigger. Is this an abcess or ear infection? Could this have caused the bleeding What should I do?
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