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Jun 21, 2020
I imagine this is frostbite? None of my other chickens seem to have an issue and her wattles seem fine. What do I do for her at this point?
Could be. If it is, it's a very minor case and he should heal without losing any of his comb. How cold has it been at night? Do you have a thermometer in the coop so you can know how cold it gets?

Frostbite occurs when water vapor from the chickens respiration at night condenses on the tall combs and freezes, injuring and sometimes destroying tissue. When tissue is destroyed, it turns white, then later black. If his points turn black, he will lose them.
Bring him or her in the house and rude your fingers on the comb to warm it up. The home will turn back to red hen you take him back out to the coop.

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