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    My roos have frostbite on their combs and wattles... I have a heat lamp hanging right above the roost but the stinkers prefer to roost in the rafters, which I cannot hang a heat lamp from, nor can I block the rafters off because then there wouldnt be any ventilation for them. ANYWAYS, I dont see how they got it because its warm enough in the coop that no one is fluffing up to stay warm, there are 2 lamps, and everyone seems really happy and healthy, even laying eggs on -10 degree days, but these roos have frostbite! Is it really bad for them or can I just let it run its course? I realize the tips of the comb and wattles will fall off, but is it going to make the roos sick or anything? I tried catching Elvis to put vaseline on it, and he ran away, hes like a turkey and really hard to get a hold of because he is so hefty. Ceasar just wont come out of the rafters for me to get him...
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    You do need to keep watch for an infection, but the frostbitten bits will fall off eventually - in months down the road probably.

    You can try the vasaline thing to prevent further frostbite, but check your humidity first, is there moisture on the walls/windows etc. in the mornings?
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    sparkles2307 Terd of Hurtles

    not moisture, straight up ice. The windows are iced over. But, I dont know how to get the humidity down further... if we give them any more ventilation they will loose heat. They have 2 12"x6" vents in the ceiling, and a lovely draft from a loose board in one wall...

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