frozen eggs


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
flat rock
it has been real cold here lately and i was wondering if you can hatch eggs that have been out in the frozen coop..they are not frozen but are real cold...will these hatch or should i wait for warmer weather.
Personally I would wait, but it is possible to hatch those eggs. After bringing them inside, let them come to room temperature before you but them in your incubator. Also, make sure you check the eggs for fractures that can be caused from the freezing of the eggs, before you but them in the incubator. The hatch rate might not be as good as eggs from warmer weather.
yea they are good. or should be good at least. but i agree with the others when they said allow the egg to come to room temperature first before incubating.
collecting every day and they are inside in a turner. I am going to incubate them on monday..will keep you updated on progress...six are small silkie eggs..they were the coldest.
As long as they don't freeze, they should be fine. Just gather them as soon as you can. I live in Texas, so we don't have much really cold weather. I am setting my incubator right now, our weather is around 62 degrees today.

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