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11 Years
Oct 4, 2012
Huntsville Texas
OK I live in the Houston Texas area. PLENTY of TS's around -- about 6 within a decent drive of my house and/or work. I have literally chased ALL OVER trying to get specific chicks, all to no avail.

You would THINK if TS has a "featured breed" such as Blue Andaluseans they would order enough they wouldn't be COMPLETELY sold out within 4 hours. HELLO?!!!! I have to work. I don't stay home so I can run over to TS when the chicks come in on TUESDAY or THURSDAY mornings. I only wanted 3-4 of those Chicks. I've also tried when the Fayoumis were the featured breed. Called two different TS's and basically their answer was "oh we have a few left -- if you can get here before they're gone.......". And I try. I REALLY do. But..... I'm chick-less.

Then they say "well we do special orders. we can order them for you and just tack them on with our next order". Great I think -- I'll just do that. "Oh, but our minimum is 25". OK so that's out.

Then I ask "when I call if you have them can I just pay for 3-4 and you hold them till I get off work?" Nope, they don't do that.

WHY doesn't TS ORDER enough chicks to "go around"? Hey, order 100 of the specialty chicks, and only 25-50 of the standard Production Reds, or Leghorns, etc. that I see left-over from week to week. Can't they figure this out???? It isn't Rocket Science.

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Have you considered contacting hatcheries directly? I live in a semi-urban area and wanted specific breeds for a backyard flock. I have limited room and time. I ended up with a great source about 50 miles out of my city... Just as I was about to order directly from a hatchery.

I currently have 5 6-week old golden comets for eggies, 1 show quality black bearded Silkie and a 1 porcelain sizzle hatched on 3/12 ( my daughters bday, they are hers gifts) and I will be getting 2 golden laced wynedottes at the end of this month. The final four are guilty pleasures... I have a thing about owning "interesting and attractive" pets... My horses all have blue eyes, so do my dogs. I make jokes about ugly girls needing pretty pets... But the fact of the matter is I enjoy them just because...
Couldn't you get a teenager and yes I know them to be
very unreliable or a friend to pick them up for you ...
Thanks so much for offering to help! Unfortunately it was the Conroe TS where the latest fiasco occurred. Their "breed special" was Blue Andaluseans. I called @ noon yesterday and they "had plenty and they were the cutest things" said the girl. Got there @ 5:15 -- all gone. :( PLENTY of Red's, Leghorns, and Bantams however.......

I've posted an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone wants to go in a hatchery order for me so the cost won't be so much. I COULD order 4-5 from My Pet Chicken for about $80 but that just BITES when TS is selling them for $1.99 each.

And WHY have a "breed Special" which is supposed to be for a WEEK when you don't order enough to even last the FIRST day????
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I want more but dont have the set up for chicks. I just want them once they reach 7-8 weeks. lol Let me know if you want me to check TC on Tues again for you. As I said I can go up there any time of day.
See if you can find some folks locally who would be willing to go in on an online order with you. MPC gets their chicks from Meyer Hatchery, and if you order directly from Meyer you get a discount on larger orders. Gender and breed will also be guaranteed, whereas you can't expect that level of care at TS from what I've heard.

Good luck!

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