FS 8+ Buff Orpington Eggs Pure Bred


10 Years
Sep 12, 2009
Casa Grande
I have ready for shipment, 8+ Buff Orpington fertile eggs. These are pure bred and fresh eggs. I have attached a picture so you can see how adorable they are at hatching. We only ship Priority mail and we only ship inside the U.S. Please use PayPal and the e-mail adress is [email protected]. Shipping is included in this sale.
Here are 3 pictures.


These are our lovely BO ladies.


This is big proud papa.


This is some of the BEAUTIFUL babies they produced for us and were hatched out earlier this week. They are 24 hours old in this picture.
It is 8 51 am monday morning and I am driving in to town in a couple of hours to the post office to ship out eggs. If anyone would like these BO eggs shipped to them, there are 10 eggs that I will ship out for this purchase. Please purchase now, as I will end this listing today because it is not cost effective to make 2 trips in a week to town. Thank you.

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