FS: 8+ Call Duck hatching eggs ~NY~ SHIPS 3/25


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
Southern Columbia County NY
8+ Mixed Color & Gray Call Duck hatching eggs. They will ship on 3/25.
It will be an assortment of gray and mixed color call duck eggs. (You will receive 8 eggs)

Im asking $25.00, priority mail shipping included.

I put a test batch in a week ago, and I have had 100% fertility on these eggs.

Here are some pictures of the ducks, and last years ducklings. The coloring on some of the mixed ducks resembles the coloring of Blue Bibbed call ducks.

More pictures on my website.

I cant guarantee hatchability due to conditions out of my control.
See how I pack my eggs at my website. I lable the box "FRAGILE", and "Handle With Care".

Please post SOLD and them send me a PM for my paypal email address. I only accept paypal instant payment, no echecks. I only ship to the lower 48 states. Please contact me for paypal email address right after posting SOLD. I will need payment within 24 hours of you posting sold. That way I dont have to worry about having a box of eggs ready to go without having received payment.

If you would like eggs at a later time, pm me and we can pick a ship date. Then i will contact you 2 weeks before the ship date for payment.

I also sell on eggbid under the username SundownEggs and ebay under the username blueskysthunder

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