FS buy 10 get 2 free 3 M old Muscovy p/u in VA


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Rocky Mount VA
I have a dozen Muscovy ducklings, 3 months old, looks like 6 hens and 6 drakes. The hens are all white with brown or black markings on their head. There are 4 colored drakes and 2 whites. One of the colored drakes, a chocolate, has a twisted neck and beak, which I believe was due to an injury, as it wasn't noticeable when I got him. The other free one is the hen I would have to keep with him if I don't let him go. There are two greens and what I call a chocolate ripple. One of the greens is a little smaller than the other and might possibly be a hen, but is significantly bigger than the ones I'm sure are hens. I'll take $80 for the bunch. They are friendly and sweet, and just beginning to learn to fly.

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