FS: -Eggs- Great Layer Mixes, Easter Egger *IL*

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Southern Illinois
    I have a pen of beautiful EE's, Not your plain brown ee's! Lay blue, green, and pink eggs.

    I also have a pen with a Light Brahma Rooster, with Rhode Island and Buff Orp. hens. They make GREAT layers! Of large brown eggs.

    These are birds I am using to get my layers from for next year. Friendly and calm pets.

    It's $8 a dozen. $5 for 1/2 dozen.

    You can chose to get a full dozen of either group or half and half.

    Shipping is $10.

    Here are some older pictures of the EE's. If anyone is interested I can put up some photos of the other birds.



    Here is a chick. Everyone looks way different.

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