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    I have 8 chicks I got from tractor supply- I think they are Blue hens of Delaware. I got them on 4/25. They went cannibal on my other chicks today but seem to be fine with each other. They are bird aggressive. They are like 2 weeks old and ganged up on my month olds and killed a few. I don't want aggressive birds in my flock. I would love to trade them.

    Pic from last week

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    No, they aren't Delaware Blue Hens. The ONLY place you can get them is the University of Delaware or local breeders. Hatcheries do not sell them.

    Delaware Blue Hen chicks are not aggressive and the adults aren't aggressive either.

    Hope you find out what they are!
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    Oct 25, 2007
    They don't look like Blue Andalusian to me.
    I'm wondering if they are a game type but not sure?
    If they were older it might be easier to tell.
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    Thank you for the quick replies - I'll stat looking @ game chickens then. I hate not knowing for sure what they are.

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