Fudge attacked by mystery predator


15 Years
Apr 20, 2007
Benton Twp., Michigan
My 9 w/o BLRW, Fudge, didn't come in last night. I had a hen stay out as well; I wasn't too worried because they hide so well and usually turn up right as rain the next morning.

Fudge didn't appear, but Daisy did. Fudge's BFF, Shadow, was very upset and prowled around all morning. She led my DD to Fudge around noon.

When I picked up Fudge, he sort of laid his head against me and shut his eyes. I realized something had gotten him because his head was all matted. It wasn't until the poor baby fell off my lap that I noticed a neck wound. (He gets so agitated when I try to turn him over for an exam that I've given up for now.)

He keeps doing this thing where his eyes close and his head sort of "drifts" to the left. It reminds me of when my kids doze off in the van.
I have him in the tub in the darkened bathroom. He has eaten and drunk a little, but he continues that head movement.

Is he having mild seizures? How long should I let him go before euthanizing him? I DON'T want to, but I don't want him to suffer, either.

Should I insist on an exam? I have to leave him all day Fri. to attend a funeral and have to make some arrangements.
Keep it warm, and put triple anti-biotic ointment on the the wounds. You would be surprised what they gan overcome.
I would suggest hanging in there for a bit...patience may pay off! He might be a bit shocky from the trauma- I think keeping him hydrated, rested, and well fed might work wonders=)

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