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    Feb 28, 2015
    My Mam ask me to create a egg incubator project.
    i will use Microcontroller to control the incubator.
    i have no idea of incubator and i have never see any one before so i read about inductors but i have some questions.i make a plan of it as following.


    as i understand from reading:
    1-if the humidity is low i will start the FAN 1.
    2-if the humidity is high i will stop the FAN1 and start the Vent FAN.
    3-Recycle FAN2 will start and stop with Lamps (The heating source).
    4-Vent fan will run 5 min every 6 hours for fresh air in 1st 18 days.
    5-turning motor will turn eggs 4 times per day.
    6-if temp is low the lamp will start and if it too high the vent fan will start.

    My questions:
    1-Is all these points is correct and perfectly?
    2-is there are any points must be added?
    3-the draw is correct and all sensors and fans and water bath in correct place?

    Thank you
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    Looks like you have made a good start. I would study other incubator designs closely. Work out as many details as possible before building unless you plan to do a prototype first .I would encourage you to experiment with new ideas , but here are a few details I think will help you. In an forced air incubator the main air circulating fan should always be on and not cycle with the heat element. When using a fan to increase the humidity, the fan should be positioned to blow down onto the water reservoir, not up as pictured. With the large surface area of water pictured I think the the humidity will run high without the fan. You might consider an external humidifier design. One drawback to having the water and sensors under the eggs is they get dirty when the eggs hatch. Hatching can be messy. Turner looks good. Not sure about the venting /overheating fan. I have seen them used in larger cabinet incubators . May be to much for a small incubator. Keep us posted on your progress.
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