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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by samteel, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Mar 11, 2012
    I suspect that my flock is infested with a parasite that is gnawing the base of their feathers as I see a lot of "flakes" below the roost.

    Is it possible to kill the pests by fumigating the entire coop with a household pest bomb?

    I can seal off the ventilation to the outside air fairly easily so am thinking that a fumigant would work well.
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    You need to use an agent that is specific for poultry-

    What I like to do is get some permethrin liquid and dilute it, spray the coop (sometimes I just use poultry protector). I do this about every 4 months.

    For the birds themselves I use poultry dust from the feed store and put it in a tied-off sock. I place the chicken on its back on the ground, dust vent area and under wings, then flip over to dust the back. Not the facial area.

    Repeat dusting every 7 days until bugs gone. I never see bugs on my birds when they have mites- I get bitten myself and find them on me. So I just do this every 4 months (repeating at 7 days) and if I don't, then boy do I regret it.
    Seeing flakes of skin might just be dandruff from newly emerging feathers during mini-molts or molt. I wouldn't be too alarmed at that. However, it is always good to inspect your flock for mites and lice. Look under the wings and around the vent:
    This older link has some photos that are helpful and a handy chart at the bottom but keep in mind that Sevin dust isn't labeled for poultry anymore.

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