Funny Chicks with Sweet PDZ


5 Years
Feb 28, 2014
Southwest Florida
I guess they may not be classified as chicks anymore at 8 weeks old, but...

I swapped out their pine shavings in the coop where they sleep with Sweet PDZ yesterday while they were out and about in the yard and in their run. When it came time for them to "put themselves to bed" at dusk they were all in an uproar over the new material. They were chirping and walking up and down the ladder and having a fit! They would not go in the coop at all. Not even step one foot into it! As it kept getting darker, I finally gave in and grabbed some pine shavings and threw them over the entrance area and in the corner where they've been sleeping on the floor. They immediately proceeded to march in and settle in their corner. It was quite comical. I'm hoping they'll get used to the Sweet PDZ now with their "security blanket" pine shavings and I can eventually phase out the shavings. Hopefully, they will soon begin using their roosting perches, so it doesn't matter what's on the floor since they're not laying in it. They have always been so easy-going about everything, I was surprised they were thrown off by the new material - too cute!
Haha. That reminds me of my grandads chickens. They flipped out when we increased the size of their food trough. They wouldn't even go near it for a few days. They realized that food was food eventually though.

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