Funny Story About My Livestock Guarding Dogs


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May 16, 2009
Hello Folks!

I have 3 LGDs on the farm: 2 Komondors and a Caucasian Mountain Dog. My wife decided to let them stay in our backyard for awhile. Couple hours later, she went into the back patio and checked on them. Two of them responded by giving her a "what you do want from us look." The another Komondor, Max, didn't respond to her. So, she called again, "Max!" No respond. My wife rised her voice and called "Max!" Again, no respond. She rised her voice higher and yelled "Max!" Max responded to my wife by giving her a real long sigh like "SSSiiiggghhh!" telling her that he's still around. I guess, he was annoyed by her constant calling. He was chilling out on the side of house out of her view. My wife was laughing, smiling, and telling him "You crazy Max! Why are you acting like human?" Max is still acting like a baby for his age. It is always nice to hear stories from home. I'm a navy Lieutenant Commander deploying to Iraq at the moment. I can't wait to go home and work on the farm.

I love my LGDs. Never want any other breed beside them. They're sweet, smart, protective, and very loyal.
Thank You and your family for the sacrifices you are making for the rest of us! I hope you get back to your farm soon!
Max sounds like a very cool dog.
Caucasian Mountain Dog?!!!!! I'M SOOOO JELOUS!!!!!! I actually didn't know they were LGD's!

I want one but the BF doesn't even like dogs let alone a beast like that!!
Silly boyfriend doesn't like things that can potentially overpower him!

Sorry totally off topic
Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. After couple months of being in Iraq, I'm ready to go home. I miss the farm. Yes, the Caucasian Mountain Dog is a very breed. They are Mastiff and can be over 210 lbs. That shaky dogs remind me of my two Komondors. Cute looking huh?


Come home safe and quick... Thank you for serving. That is one HUMONGOUS dog. Is that one yours? I have been around a Great Pyr, but I am a little nervous about the big dogs. Also, how much land do you really need to have one?
That lady is not my wife. She's a top CMD breeder in Poland. CMD dogs are that big. They can be aggressive but that is not their basic personality, with family they are very affectionate & easy going. You need decent amount of land for them to run around. You also need good fencing. My dogs can jump goat fence. These are my dogs.


They are SO beautiful! I want a LGD, and have been investigating. I need one that can be very tolerant of children. I have a little over 4 acres. Also, I have outside cats...I've never seen them go after the chickens, though.

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