FUNNY STORY! (silkie hatching)

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    Mar 12, 2011
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    Ok so about a month ago I was given some silkie eggs I've seen his silkies they are very pretty
    So I stuck them in my bator on the 7th and then took them to lockdown out of 6, 4 went to lockdown well they were a lil slow hatching and on the third night ALL but one hatched (I didn't know that yet) so on the 4th morning at like 5:30 I head for coffe and stop off in the dining room to check as I look in I see 2 lil white fluffy baby's but then see movement in the corner so I look closer and there is a blue chick WITH NO FLUFF ON IT NECK! Andbefore I can stop myself I yell OMG WHAT HAPPENED! Well j noice it looks ALOT like a turken so I take it out to get a closer look and sure enough it has a naked neck but it's fluffy like a silkie has 5 toes and feathered feet so I looked and discovered they are called showgirl silkies as I'm sure YOU all know haha so has anyone else had anything like this happen to them??
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    hahahahaha I haven't personally but I can see how it would be a little shocking!

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