funny story... the death of a tree frog!!!

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    About a tree frog..

    August 8, 2008 (barely 12:08 am)- We were laying in bed and trying to sleep and there was this tree frog that was right outside our bedroom making tons of noise. We both tried sleeping for about 2 and a half hours to no avil. "I" finally got up and said "Ok, I guess I will go get the frog" slipped on some bottoms to go with my night shirt a little upset that I was getting this stupid thing. And went out to catch the frog. Looking by the pond I saw nothing then the little bugger croaked again.. ahh he was in the tree... shining the light I saw him nestled in the crook of a branch. I psyched my self up to get this frog and not let go (because a squishey frog was not as scarey as not sleeping the rest of the night). I caught the frog and put him in a cooler to keep him till morning when we would become breakfast for the ladies. Came back inside crawled back into bed, and informed my husband I caught him. Here is how the conversation went. me: " I caught HIM, and I know it was a him because HE was calling the girls" DH: "I should have had a talk with him" me: "huh" DH: "I would have let him know that he was literally barking up the wrong tree" I could not stop laughing in the middle of the night. This was one of those times I tell him that he was irresitibly cute.

    I try to diary all the good things about my husband (doing it on my BYC Page, hey why not) so that I can go back and at times remember why I love him.. [​IMG]
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