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I was having coffee, well I was having coffee, she was having water, with a Muslim friend some time ago (I am not sure why I thought about this but I did and it made me laugh). Any how, she was wearing her Hijab and some guy wandered up and said "go back where you came from terrorist" Mind you she and her parents and her husband were all born and raised in the US, well educated, very Moderate, hard working Americans. She looked directly at him and said "I would go back to Atlanta Georgia but the traffic there sucks a** so, no."

The look on his face as he stiffened and walked away was priceless. I thought I would share since it made me smile today.
Lol, love it when people have witty comebacks serves the idiots right for being so racist
What a jerk... I probley would have punched him. Makes me mad when I hear about jerks like that
Way to go girl!!
Sadly she ended up moving. But she is a nurse and her husband was a professor.

Right after 9/11 government officials would actually sit in on his lectures to make sure he wasn't teaching anything "scary", and he would actually call them out in the middle of class, make them stand up and introduce them, and tell the class what they were there for.. He would embarrass the heck out of them. When they realized he wasn't at all radical, they stopped hanging out in his class and left him alone.

I miss those two... sigh.
Her in particular, she always handled things with such grace and humor, and I rarely saw her angry. I think the few times I saw her angry was when she saw one of her children, or any child, really, being abused, pushed around, harmed or all around bothered.
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Haha, that's great! Good for her, standing up for herself. It irks me that people behave so rudely to other Americans like that. Isn't this supposed to be a country where we are all free to practice whatever religion we want? Of course that leaves us free to have our own opinions and criticize each others' beliefs, but calling someone a terrorist based off a part of their garment is just uncalled for. Show a little respect, people!
There's always got to be at least one group of people to direct hate at. I can think of 3 separate groups that are targets right now. Hopefully when the group that does most of the hating right now, becomes a minority themselves in about 50 years the current targets will not be as bigoted to them.

Good for your friend. Good for the professor. I'm glad that kids today have for the most part shed the intolerance of their parents and are coming to realize we are all the same. It's too bad that 19 men managed to tarnish such a large segment of the World population. The actual number of Muslims that practice the beliefs attributed to them by some major personalities in our media is less than 1%. Yet those personalities try to scare people into believing that the whole faith is out to get us. It would be funny but it's so pathetic.
I had an "incident" on Facebook this year, on the anniversary of 9/11. People were posting various patriotic posts, etc. I had posted a video of an American Firefighter who was a first responder at ground zero and who also happens to be Muslim.

The video is here:

, I posted it on Facebook and was absolutely shocked when a friend, my former neighbor from my old town, posted a bunch of very Anti-Muslim remarks, saying that ALL Muslims support terrorism in one way or another, etc.

What he didn't know is that my fathers' wife is Indonesian, and while she herself is Christian, MANY of her immediate family members, MY family members now, are Muslim. They were holding a 9/11 event that very night with proceeds going to families of the 9/11 attacks. These Muslims were holding an event for 9/11, while my "friend" was sitting at home on his computer, verbally attacking Muslims on my Facebook page. Many of my Muslim family members are Facebook friends and could see all of this by the way.

It never occurred to him, talking to me, white Laura and clearly not Muslim, how offensive it was. Even if I did not have Muslim family members, I would have been appalled, but knowing my own family could see his words made it so much worse. I had a short debate with him on my wall, and then when I announced that half my family are Muslim and could see all his posts, he shut up real quick and never said another word about it.

It was very hurtful. I hope that many of my Muslim family members who saw it were like KristyHalls' friend, just knew it was ignorant and had a good laugh, although many of them probably didn't see it because THEY, unlike my ignorant friend, were raising money for 9/11 families that night. But it hurt me. People are so quick to judge.

But good for your friend, Kristy, to be able to laugh it off like that knowing it's pure ignorance and not worth being upset at.
"Go back to where you came from, you terrorist!"

"You mean Newark? Fahget about it!"

There's something brilliantly lacking in the neuroreceptors of someone who sees a piece of textile on a person and thinks, 'terrorist!'.

I'm afraid the qualifications are just a wee bit more complicated than that.

There's good and bad in every group anyone can name.

I read an article the other day to the effect that people were sneaking off from Muslim Brotherhood type groups worldwide with criticisms like - 'But you want us to be too poor and uneducated, which sucks....' (or words to that effect)
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