Fuzzy butts from my local feed store (PICS)


11 Years
Jul 23, 2008
Seattle, WA
I was fortunate enough to have the day off when the chicks arrived in at the Bayview Farm and Garden on Whidbey. I hadn't had any plan to buy any of them, I was just going to take a good look, but you know how it goes. It quickly occurred to me that it wouldn't take much money or work to set up a little cardboard box brooder for a few chicks. What really won me over was that the store was giving away five chicks for each $25 you spent there. I spend that much on feed etc anyway, so it seemed almost wasteful to not go ahead and get them.

I zipped back home and prepared their brooder and got back in time to snag the ones I wanted before the rest of the world was off work. I brought home:

2 black australorps
2 rhode island reds
2 dominiques
2 buff orpingtons
2 light brahmas

What sweeties!!! I hadn't seen newly hatched chicks since I was tiny and was in love instantly. They were very noisy on the way home but settled almost instantly once they got to the food and water.

It took some experimentation watching them react to the heat lamp to get it positioned right so that it was high enough up to be the right temp. I didn't have a thermometer so I just had to judge by their behavior. It seems like it worked out well because when I did put the thermometer in there last night, I was only 5 degrees off what it ought to be.

Anyone who's had chicks even once in their life knows what I did next. I went right back to the store and got more.
I picked up :

2 silver-laced wyandottes
2 ameracaunas

So far, not much trouble with pasty butt. I check them each twice a day. I installed a roost on the third day because they were roosting (and pooping) on their feeder. It took a full day for them to figure out what that stick was doing there besides getting in their way.

Now lets see if I can figure out how to get pics on here!


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I did the same thing with our feed store. Went to get horse feed and brought home 32 chicks. (Some for me and some for my dad). We got silver laced Wyandottes, EE, RIR, red stars and Barred rocks. Went back 2 weeks later for feed again and ended up buying 9 more: 4 buff orp, 4 more EE and 1 barred rock that was a roo my dad wanted. Those chicks were the death of me. Now I have ordered several dozen eggs to hatch from other BYC members. As long as they all hatch well I am done. If not I will be buying more eggs.
I can't stop.
Sounds like my story! Went in to get some stuff for the alpacas and came home with 6 cute chicks. Went back later that day and came home with 3 more!!

Why are chickens so addicting? I have 21 chicks from Ideal in my bathtub and I'm already putting a list together of what I want to get from the feed store when they get chicks in 2 weeks.
I need help!
I went to the feedstore for feed and left with 8 (4 SLW pullets, 4 Red Sex Link pullets). Knowing good and well I have 56 in the incubator and 27 outside already. It's a sad sick disease, that I hope never to recover from.
Don't tell my wife but I just emailed somebody about 7 day olds they have listed on Craigslist!!

Do you think she'll notice 7 new ones?

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