GA - 9 Buff Orpingtons & "u pick 3" Ships April 4 SOLD

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Bowdon, GA
    We have been blessed with gorgeous ladies and roosters! We are on a small chemical free farm where we give our poultry the best grains, feed and home grown veggies.

    We have 9 Buff Orpington eggs & you pick 3 from any of the following breeds:

    Speckled Sussex
    Barred Rocks
    Mahogany Rhode Island Reds (non Production)
    Easter Eggers
    White Leghorns

    Here are photos of the Buffs - I call them my strawberry blondes- photo doesn't do them justice!



    We have one rooster for 4 hens ratio and fertility has been excellent. We wrap and package with extreme care.

    Price is $27 which includes priority shipping and tracking. Please pm me with questions. We full time farm so I'm not at the computer much.

    We do take paypal, so if you want this package. Please make a deposit to my account:

    [email protected]

    and mark SOLD on this board thread. Thanks and have a blessed day.
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