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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Rosebud 18, Oct 13, 2011.

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    I have a pilgrim gander thats 6 1/2 months old and a trio of toulouse that are 3 1/2 months old. They get along fine. I also have 3 white runner ducks. I have noticed that for the past couple weeks the pilgrim gander has paired up with one of the runner ducks. Thay look so funny together but so cute to. She stays by his side or he stays by her side all the time. I want him to pair up with one of the female toulouse . They have all been together since I got them with no problems. Tonight I seperated the geese into a pen by themselves and starting tomorrow they will in an area by themselves. Do you think by spring he will pair up with one of the toulouse females? It seems cruel to seperate the 2 but I think its better to do it while they are still young. Hopefully the little runner will pair up with one of her own.
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    I have a pair of Sebbies that hung out with 2 male Pekin ducks. They are all about 6 mths old. Meanwhile I have 8 fawn and white runners and a separate pair of Pekins which are older. The pair of Sebbies and the 2 male Pekins were always together but now the 2 brothers are with the runner ducks. Although, I did add 2 more geese that are now 4 months old. I don't know if that made a difference. Anyway, they all share a pen together. I think in time your goose will always be friends with the duck but they do go to there own corners in the long run.
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    I have an Africian gander that paired up with a pekin hen for years. None of my drakes ever mated with her. A fox got the pekin and the gander never got over it. I have female geese and he has no interest in them. [​IMG]
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    Quote:That is so sad.
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    I had a young male Toulouse gander that was bonded from being hatchlings with a Rouen duck. As I wanted them both for breeding I split them up and re-paired them with a mate of their own kind at 5 months. Now they've bonded with their mates so I think you're wise to split them up now while theyre still youngsters [​IMG]

    Pete [​IMG]

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