Gaps between cedar planks?

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  1. temerick

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    Oct 11, 2012
    We're considering ordering a coop from this site:
    He lives a few hours away so the climate is about the same. He seems to have no problem with chilly air in the coop, but as the planks do have small gaps (not noticeable in the pictures on the site) I was wondering if anyone has a similar coop. Will the girls keep it warm enough with their body heat alone?

    Also, I understand the cedar thing but it appears okay in construction as long as the smell isn't very strong.
  2. If you plan to keep the coop as the natural look, boards get larger gap as wood drys andless with moisture is high.
    You can try this product made by Lepage, put this on for winter, if gaps are none too big, if they are, you could use thin strips on the inside to cover them with this product too.
    This product is meant to be removed in spring....good luck. I know if it were mine I would insulate and/or clad the inside. But if you live in the south, then having an inner wall might not be favorable.

    Here is a link to show you the product, you can buy it at Lowes, or Home Depot too..écor/Painting-Supplies/Caulk-Coatings-Seals/Caulking/Miscellaneous/300mL-Draft-Stop-Transparent-Sealant/_/N-ntlnrZ2ppt/R
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    Oct 11, 2012
    We have pretty wet winters, as I'm located in Washington. So maybe the gaps will be small most of the year? Unfortunately, your link doesn't work. :(
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  4. Sandyd

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    Sep 12, 2012
    It is a peel off transparent caulking that you can get most places. Walmart, target, menards, etc. It is in a tube and you put it on with a caulking gun. Put it on in the fall and peel it off in the spring if you want more ventilation. Looking at your picture it looks like if you have snow and cold, the draft would be coming in right at the chicken roost. Not good if snow blows in. I like your coop by the way.
    DAP® SEAL 'N PEEL® Removable Weatherstrip Caulk

    Unique removable weatherstrip caulk provides a watertight and weatherproof seal to temporarily seal out drafts and save energy. Peels away easily when removal is desired. Won't damage painted surfaces. Vanilla scent. Interior/exterior use.

  5. Well just google search Lepages Draft Stop caulking.
    See that your in the Pacific NW, not super cold, but very damp and chilling for birds if those gaps are open, and any wind and moisture can migrate into them.
    How about wrapping the outside for winter, maybe some aluminum bubble wrap insulation with poly over that to help keep out moisture.Leave some venting for circulation. Then remove in warm spring weather.
    If you tried to hang anything on the inside walls, the chickys will peck at if for sure and pull it down or make holes
    Sorry the link did not work for me either, not sure why...
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    Sep 24, 2012
    I'm in the PNW and if that were my coop I wouldn't worry about the gaps. Go into it during a wind storm and see if its breezy on the roosts, if not then you are fine. From some of the posts on this forum you might get the picture that any air movement on a sleeping chicken will kill it. My chickens sit/nap out in their windy but covered run all day during rain storms and seem to be fine (they have options to take shelter).
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  7. Hi BB, what you say makes sense, especially in an area such as yours. You know even where I am my Grandparents old chicken coops were full of gaps, and it gets mighty cold like in the Dakota Territory, so -35 is an every winter occurences, at least for a week at nights. The thing I find, is once it's real cold here below 0, the air become real dry, unless it is snowing a lot, which usually happens at warm temps. When we get that cold stuff below -20f, it is usually super clear, sunny, dry and lots of sundogs in the sky....
  8. MamaRudey

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    My coop is old planks so there are tons of gaps. My chicks don't seem to notice one lick, they are covered in a down coat. ;)

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