"Gassy" Chick help?

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  1. SilkiesInSuburb

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    Mar 13, 2016
    I got new chicks recently and for the most part they are doing fine. However one day my cat slipped in and grabbed a Brahma chick, I managed to give him a smack and make him drop the chick. (Please note that I didn't hurt the cat.) At first she was limping, but her leg wasn't broken. Now she runs around with the other just fine, but a new problem occurred. How do I put this...? She seems to have partially filled up with gas or air. Her skin is more visible, though that could be molting but she seems too young. Her leg is miles better, too, but makes a concerning noise when I run my finger over it--like dry paper, almost. She's been like this for maybe 2, 3 days. She's only about 5 days old. Other than this she seems really healthy, as she eats and drinks and plays normally.
    If anyone could tell me why she's filling up with gas or air or what else could be going on, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    Can you post a photo?

    Where is she filling with "air?" Does it look inflamed? It is possible she received a puncture wound that is now festering, or she could have airsacullitis, an infection of the air sacs if the cat nicked her there.

    Or she could be growing and her down merely looking a bit thinner on spots...that happens.

    Does the leg move freely?

    The good news is she is eating, drinking, and keeping up with the others, but photos would help experts discern if anything looks amiss.

  3. SilkiesInSuburb

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    Mar 13, 2016
    Sorry if the pictures are a but fuzzy, she was moving a lot.
    A view of her tummy and chest.
    The leg I was worried about, the one closest to the camera.
    Her whole body.
    Regular position.

    I searched all over her but couldn't really find a cut or nick. She's filling with air mostly around her abdomen and stomach. Her leg is moving just fine.
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    Chick looks fine, Cutie! When you say "filling with air mostly around her abdomen and stomach" , does it feel squishy or like a balloon? Is it always like that? Too young to be molting. What feels like "dry paper", the skin?
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    I'm not seeing anything obvious in the pictures. From your description I was thinking ruptured air sac, but it's not showing up in the pictures that I can see. Here is an explanation of that and what to do if it is, and you can google to see some pictures, it's usually very obvious though: https://www.birdtrader.co.uk/bird-advice/emergency-care-for-birds-air-sac-rupture/507
    Also wonder if the chick is just a big eater and it's the crop that is getting large after it eats?
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    A leaking air sac sounds somewhat like what you are seeing. It looks like a little air balloon under the skin, and can happen very easily with trauma to a chick's back, neck, or side. I had a 2 week old chick who had a large one on it's right chest from trauma to her side, and mine had a clicking sound when it took a breath. I deflated it with a needle, and it came back a few times. I would not puncture it unless the chick is having trouble breathing, since small ones will repair themselves. A leaking air sac is also called subcutaneous emphysema, and it is similar to when people get a collapsed lung. The air under the skin may feel crackly. My chick recovered.
  7. SilkiesInSuburb

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    Mar 13, 2016
    Thank you all for your help. Her air swelling has gone down quite a bit. Again, thank you all so much for your help and responding so quickly!
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