Gathering, storage and incubator quick question?


Apr 16, 2019
Fresno, California
On shipped eggs...I know you are supposed to store eggs point side down and let sit like 24 hours after receiving them.
What about gathering your own? I understand they sit point side down as well, but after the last set gathered... do u let them sit as well? Or just set all in the incubator?
My eggs lay on their side in the incubator, so didn’t know if the last group needed to sit point down prior to help with the air sac formation/settle??
If you collect your own to hatch, you can store them pointy side down or you can store them flat. Doesn't really matter. Just don't store them pointy side up. The issue with shipped eggs is that they can get shaken during shipping so they might benefit from a day's rest with the fat side up to reset the air cell. As long as you don't shake them when collecting you don't have that issue. And remember to turn them if you store them more than a couple of days before setting them.

I generally collect eggs for no more than a week before I set them. I number my eggs from when I start collecting them to help with turning so I know which were laid the day I set them. I've paid attention and do not see any difference in hatch rates between the ones a week old and the ones laid the day I start.
do u let them sit as well? Or just set all in the incubator?
I usually collect for 7 days, depending on how many hens I am setting from. Here is my favorite hatching resource...
Incubation guide

There is some technicality about what the ovaposition was when the egg was laid and blah blah.. but a hen does NOT read books and will simply continue sitting on the egg once she has laid the last in the clutch... some of my hens will lay eggs for one or two days after sitting full time without leaving them to cool down and develop a cell.

I have not noticed any difference in hatch rate setting slightly older eggs verses laid that day going into the bator either....

Seeing you're in Fresno... I used to live in the valley (Visalia/Bakersfield) and frequent the area. Try to keep cool this season! A friendly poke from the north coast, cuz we worked SO hard to get out of the valley. :plbb I do miss having a Joe's steak though and all their yummy side from Tahoe Joe's :drool... so don't rub it in too much... okay. :cool:

Hope you enjoy that link and happy hatching! :jumpy:jumpy
@EggSighted4Life .. thank ya!!
And yea.. it’s been so nice and toasty lately... NOT! Lol... today is under 100.. loving that! And if liked the Tahoe joe steaks... u have GOT to try the steaks at Yosemite Ranch next time u drive through
I use to live in Ventura county... missing the ocean breezes these days!!!

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