Geese breeds (eggs, and egg laying)


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Oct 9, 2010
I was searching for the breed of gooses that lay the biggest egg and/or are prolific layers.
Can anyone help?
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According to Metzer White Chinese are the most prolific layers:

White Chinese are the most prolific egg laying geese and it is not unusual to have them lay in the fall or winter. Earlier records have egg production of 50-60 eggs per year, with exceptional birds laying 100 eggs. This is now extremely rare, with most Chinese geese laying from 30-45 eggs.​
White chinese aren't the best for size, but they are supposed to lay the most number of eggs yearly.
ETA: I think most geese fall within the 30-45 eggs a year thing.
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My Chinese goose never ever lays eggs... he does bite a lot though... I tell him every day that he'd better stop mooching, and lay me a darn egg! He doesn't listen
I have Chinese geese and one of my girls has been laying an egg eery other day now for about 2 months!! I haven't taken any away or nething but she just keeps laying! Her eggs are pretty good sized too!
China Geese are with out a doubt the best layers according to everything I have read. I had a brown african goose that would lay every other day and laid about 20-25 eggs each year....this summer I plan on getting some more geese...and I am leaning towards the emdens ro Tolouse for size....but I might get some chinas for the eggs also...we'll see...ughhh so many decisions.
Well, I am not sure what I have as far as two female geese or two ganders. So, last night I put an egg shaped timer in an area that I made a little nest with straw. It was dark outside and I heard a hisssssssssssss? I thought for sure I have two ganders but then I could not really see in the dark which one hissssssssssssssssssed? So, today I will go out and check on them to see if they even like their new egg? I know for sure it was my little gander that gives me that loving look, you know the one I told you about that I think is in "LOVE" with me? He comes right up to me and starts talking to me.....I mean we have a conversation.....He is sweet!! I think when they were little I used to bring the telephone in with me so they would think I am talking to them and he imprinted with that some how? I do not know.....but there is some communicating going on between us. I think He did not want that egg in his life at this time? I hope to be able to see who is who? Chris
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