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10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Dogs are nice guardians of life and property, but their weakness is food. Most watchdogs can be bribed with a meal, but if you want a reliable, virtually unbribeable loud mouth alarm system, you can't beat a gaggle of geese.

I love ducks, both as a meat source, but you take the White Pekin. A chinese origin endowed with a quacker that just won't shut up and this why my favorite breed of duck is the Muscovy. They can't quack. I think our Creator must have tired of the eternal quacking of the Pekin and created the Muscovy without a quacker.

Guineas are both beautiful and possess a loud mouth when a strange bug crosses the property line. The guineas I know would rather have a nice fat tick to eat than grain. They are excellent buggers and although they will raise the roof during the day light they will remain deathly quiet when roosting in the trees and allow themselves to be slaughtered by raccoons, possums and the like without making a sound.

Sexing chickens used to be the sole province of orientals until some enterprising soul bred a sex link breed where the boys can be distinguished from the girls at hatching. They look different by color.

I suppose I fell for the broad breast of the Dark Cornish. Here is a bird that is one of the heaviest of the heavy breed. It was the bird that I raised for fun and profit. The males make excellent capons gaining weight rapidly after caponizing and most of all they stop crowing when the family jewels are removed.

I grew up during the depression and we raised, cleaned and sold 150 chickens per week and made money selling at $0.25 per pound. Of course feed was $3.00 per hundred and we made shorts, shirts and other things out of the feed sacks which were made from cotton cloth prints.

I had a friend that beat the cost of feed with a bug light. It is a light that shines with a blue light and bugs are electrocuted when they are attracted to it. He would catch the dead ones in a tub at night and dump it in his chicken yard in the morning. It's pure protein feed and the chickens jus' lov' it.

Sounds like you've been around poultry your whole life. Glad that you joined!

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