Geese eggs

She will continue laying eggs until she has a clutch that is acceptable to her. At that point she will sit the nest and pretty much not move except for a quick bite to eat, a drink of water and some splashing in her pool. She may go for a short walk about but will spend 90 percent of her time on the nest. It will be like she is in a trance and then some 28-35 days later, if the eggs were fertile, there will suddenly be little babies peeking out from under her. The next day she may come out with some of her brood. A few days later, when it is obvious that she is not going to continue sitting on the nest, you should remove any remaining eggs. Be careful though, if they look like they may still be hatching leave them, if they are just there they could break open when you remove them and let me assure you they will be a mess to deal with.

All of this assumes that she is in fact building a clutch to hatch and is going to go broody. If not then you will just have a bunch of eggs to dispose of.

No need to lock her in with her eggs. That would only stress her and would not improve any chance of her going broody if she is not inclined to do so.

By the way, what breed are they?
One more question if they are not fertilized will she still sit in them
Yes. However if you have a mature gander and they were mating there is at least a 50/50 chance that some of the eggs are fertile. After about 10 days you can candle them to see if they are developing. However the gander will make getting to them a challenge. I would just leave her pretty much alone, make sure she has food and water available and wait for about a month. Good luck.
That are only 2 so I don't know if they are fertile
If there are only two eggs she may not be finished laying yet. Either that or there are more you can't see. Mine laid a clutch of about 20 eggs total between two females and most of them were sort of buried in and under the nest. I had 8 goslings out of all that. How big is the nest? It could be she has hidden more eggs there.
A very similar situation is happening at my house. Our very old (about 15) grey goose made a nest under my deck and start laying. I saw 3 eggs, and when she noticed that I noticed them she quickly buried them. Now I do not know how many are there or if she is still laying? She sits about an hour a day on them and then goes about swimming in the pond and walking around. Do you think maybe she is just still laying? This is the FIRST time she has ever built a nest and laid. I have found maybe 5 or 6 eggs (randomly in the yard, not in a nest) in her 15 years, so this is quite surprising to me.
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