Geese with poor appetite


Dec 8, 2020
I have 3 geese that I hatched on June 10th. Their appetite has decreased significantly in the past couple weeks. I feed them carrots, green cabbage, Brussels sprouts and leaves, cauliflower, etc. along with Nutrena waterfowl feed and a grain mix composed of cracked corn, barley, oats, black sunflower seed supplemented with dried mealworms... with a couple layer pellets mixed in. They sleep on Orchard grass and alfalfa hay. Are they eating their bedding? Is this just winter onset decreasing their appetite?
I bet they are eating their bedding too, Orchard grass would be awfully tasty to geese. Maybe try shavings for bedding and make sure to always have plenty of fresh water when they have feed down.
I would put the hay in a hay rack and hang it on the fence to eat not poop and sleep on. It will allow you to monitor what they are eating. They should be eating forage with it making up the bulk of their diet.
You can try weighing them, if they’re losing weight they may need to see a vet, if not they’re eating their bedding like the others suggested. Based on what you said they’re being fed they sound like they have an excellent diet.
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