Gender and breed identification of a couple of my pea's, please!


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May 12, 2009
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I have a pied (I think) pea that is approx 7 months now, I think this is a boy but was hoping one of the 'experts' could confirm for me.
the one right smack in the middle of these pic:


Just behind the white one (gender also unknown):

The two peahens on either far end we are not sure what color they are, any ideas? The one on the far left and the one on the right with the red leg band.



one more pic of them, I know the one on the far left is an India Blue. we got the other two at an auction this past fall and if I recall I thought they said purple blackshoulder, but I'm not even sure if I'm remembering correctly.

any thoughts/ideas? If I can take pics of something more specific to help identify just let me know and I'll snap some more.

thanks in advance. We are new to pea's (less than a year) but loving it!
Blue Pied male, he looks like a Purple B/S male (red band) hard to tell in the picture but it is a B/S male, and the ones you are calling India Blue looks kinda like he may be spalding , also the hen ( you only have one that I can see ) is split to white see the white flight feather on her wing, and the White one looks like a male but would have to see more of the tail.

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Yes pied boy. Look at barring on back and wings. it is same as the boy you called blue . The blue girl does not have it and she is probably split to white as she has white flight wing. The bs is also boy maybe midnight. Many good pics on this website under post pics of your peafowl, you will see a lot of discussion. Bs color hard to tell from pic. My purple look real purple in the sun. None of my other birds do this. And the neck is much darker than the blues out of the sun, my midnight does not turn purple. Is their any yellow or orange in blues face?

Only see one hen blue, white could be hen,cant tell by a pic. The one with red band purple bs peacock spalding low % . The one you call blue ,is spalding low %. Now the pied is looking like a splading peacock also.

If you can post of white leg(spur bumb) may be able to sex it.
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The White could also have % of spalding look at the crest, don't know if it is the picture? but it looks tight.

Agree on the white, may have spalding, give the talll look of a male??? Nice lookin bunch, but only one hen, two hens at best.
thank you to everyone for your comments and replies! I took more pics last night, this time with a helper and trying to get some of the angles folks mentioned. hope these are better. if not, i may just need to wait until we open the outdoor pen and try again with real sunlight. all of these pics are taken indoors.

this is one of the two unknown females, at least I hope it's a hen! lol

here are two shots of the other unknown hen. the one with the red leg band.


I think this is an india blue hen, confirmation?

here are a few of the pied (??) one. The breeder we bought from only had india blue and white. gender?



and then the white one. i also took a pic of the shanks.




again, thanks so much for the help!
The top bird is a Purple Black Shoulder Male. (green band)

Purple Black Shoulder Male. (red band)

Blue hen split to white (has a white flight feather) may be low % spalding.

Blue Pied male.

And the White still looks to be Male (whites are hard to tell at this age)

Looks like you have 4 Males and 1 Hen.

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green band .......male
red band.......male
spalding pied....male
white.........hard to sex can't see spur bumps but guess male
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thanks again for the replies! Steve and deerman, can you please educate me on what you are seeing in the two birds with the bands (green and red) that make them male? As I said before, we are new to pea's so I want to try to understand what some of the early markers for gender are. We had naively bought these as two females to go with our adult blackshoulder pair, but that seems to not be the case.

What is the difference between a blue pied male and a spalding pied male? I've been looking at pics of both (side by side even) and I can't seem to see what the difference is between the two?

If I could also get a little breeding advice, I'd be grateful. We currently have a total of 8 pea's. We have a proven adult breeding pair of Blackshoulder's and then a total of 6 others that are between 7 months and a year old. So, it sounds like we have a total of 6 males and only two females (M:blue, pied, blackshoulder, purple blackshoulder and possibly white; F: a blue and a blackshoulder).

Our plan was to keep two males and then three females to go with each of them, knowing that we'd need to make some changes in our current flock once we could identify genders. It seems I'll be needing to make some decisions on which to keep (males) and what to replace them with (on the female side). We know the adult pair (blackshoulder) are staying, what would be the best option(s) for females with the blackshoulder male? more blackshoulder ladies? The two purple blackshoulder male's we thought were females (red and green bands) were originally going to be part of that group.

If you were in my position and could only keep one other male, which one would you keep? I know to a large extent it is personal preference but I was wondering if there was a pattern that might be easier to work with than another?

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