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Started my first flock beginning of spring. I have 5 RIR pullets, 3 cornish rocks ( 2 roos 1 pullet) and my two Isa browns. While I am quite sure of the rest of them, I cannot figure out my isa browns genders, they look completely different from each other.


this is Flower, much darker then my other isa and totally different body shape.


this is Goldie

All chicks were bought from Tractor Supply at the same time, all are 7 weeks old. The reason I really need to know now is the only roos I, for sure, have are two of my meat chicks. I also have two ducks I am raising with them and my concern is if I do not end up with one of my browns being a roo, I will have a very hard time getting the ducks to accept a roo not raised with them and I wants a rooster!!


Apr 17, 2015
Long Beach, WA
Isa Browns are sexable by color. They are not a breed. They are a sexlink hybrid. Girls are brown/red with some white. Boys are white with some red. Yours are mostly red/brown. They are girls.
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