Gender of these chicks


May 1, 2019
Sorry for so many photos! i would like to know (if possible at this age)what gender they are, and if the white chick is a brahma breed(or cross bred brahma). received_1144789182387614.jpeg received_759705667797569.jpeg received_370212586969066.jpeg received_856323081435653.jpeg received_514329442646890.jpeg received_496785474228638.jpeg received_506534403247276.jpeg received_2458904740836029.jpeg received_225364495024782.jpeg received_2558721957524960.jpeg received_661720080979811.jpeg received_2362555503822785.jpeg received_2130642080380964.jpeg received_900442810327081.jpeg received_2488652124535153.jpeg received_509170059852318.jpeg
They appear to be around four weeks, a bit early to guess gender. I see a few that could be cockerels, but there are too many photos and not enough that are closeup enough to make a very good guess.

The thing to look for are comparisons. Very pale insignificant combs will likely be pullets. The ones with reddish casts to the combs that are noticeably bigger and that also have wattles developing are usually cockerels.

By six weeks, boys have conspicuously red combs while the girls are pale.

For ultimate confirmation on a cockerel, at around ten weeks, you will see curved sickle feather beginning to shoot out from the tail.

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