General Health: Hen and Egg-laying

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10 Years
Oct 21, 2009
I have read the 10 Commandments of taking care of hens. It was helpful, and I would like more advice, too, on hen-care, especially concerning these topics:

General Care: I have one hen and one rooster, and I want to take good care of them. The hen (Bertram) is a great layer, and never broody. I do the basics for them: food (layer pellets)/water, nest box, roost, big coop, and a VERY few, occasional treats (sunflower seeds mostly, and some banana pieces). I know that for their 'best' health, free-ranging is good. I cannot do that right now though. Anything else you'd recommend for general health?

Eggs: Her eggs have not ever been very brown - they are usually light tan - but recently they've become even lighter. She is 2 years old. Is there anything else I can do to ensure her egg-laying health, and perhaps have browner eggs, but appearance doesn't matter that much to me.

Faded Crown: The other day, when I went to give them food and water, her comb, eye area, and wattles were all faded from their usual red. The next day they were red again, and so I figured that: 1. God healed her as I had prayed, or 2. God healed her by her drinking water again, and she'd been dehydrated. Is this a reasonable assumption? (Their waterer was empty; I am going to prevent that in the future by getting them water sooner.)

Summer Molt?: She has also had no feathers on her shoulders since about the beginning of summer. Is this a problem? I thought that could be because of extreme heat and drought conditions (we are in TX!). Is that also a logical conclusion?

Thanks for any advice you have for better health for my hen.

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