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    Mar 24, 2010
    SE Oklahoma, Durant
    Started off with 10 three day olds on March 1. Two Barred Rocks three Rhode Island Reds two Black Australorp two Buff Orpingtons and what turned out to be a White Rock. First eggs came in at 21 weeks and averaged eight per day until late Sept.

    Personality; tossup between the BR and BA. Did notice that the BA were more vocal and tended to always position themselves between me and the RIR’s. The RIR’s turned out to be my least favorite. Very aggressive, will stand and challenge you where ever you encounter them. Two of them have flogged me. I will not let my Grand Daughter near them. BA seems to always position themselves between her and the reds just as they do with me; I don’t think it is my imagination that they do this. The BO’s are very skittish and the WR is flighty.

    They free range most of the day. Once the grass and insects came into season they almost quit eating their store bought rations. 50# lasted well over two months. Now that there are fewer bugs they are eating their pellets more often. Favorite treats are mack and cheese and grapes. They will do tricks for grapes. Cheerios are completely ignored.

    They have a large pen protected by an electric fence. Being gone for two or three nights hasn’t been a problem; however they all let me know their displeasure at missing out on their daily free range time.
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    Sep 28, 2010
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    Nice post.

    My Buff Orpingtons are pretty friendly and not really skittish at all.

    I am thinking about what I will replace them with barred rocks are pretty high on my list so far.
    I want a large calm DP bird. The buffs have been perfect just thinking I might try another breed next time.

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