Genetics of Broodiness?


7 Years
May 15, 2012
MO chicken keeper since 4/2012
I am wanting to breed broodiness into my flock. I have adult non broodies that will be culled.I have bantam cochins, buff orpingtons, and easter eggers. All are chicks. I also have a few unknowns that were just given to me. Today, my brother-in-law brought me a rooster. I have no idea what kind. What I would like to know is whether or not the broody gene is dominant or recessive. My intention was to get a broody breed rooster to mate into the easter eggers, but I now have an unknown, and I am wondering if a broody breed rooster specifically is critical to my intentions or if I can proceed using the non broody and use his offspring with a broody breed hen to breed broodiness into the NEXT generation. Did I make any sense? :p
I understand what your saying but I think broody gene expression is going to be more complicated than just breeding in some broody blood.
Well, from what I was able to gather, broodiness involves multiple genes so no, it isn't so simple, and I am definitely no geneticist! Ha! I thought I would just "feel it out" as I went along and figured starting with broody blood was a place to start. Everything I read online talks about breeding broodiness out. To me, that seems like a scary thing- to remove the desire to continue ones own species from soooo many breeds and create a dependency on human involvement to continue it. I can always buy chicks, but I thought this might be an interesting project! :D

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