Genetics question (orpingtons)


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Nov 15, 2007
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I was wondering what you would get with some of the following crosses. (all orpingtons)

Buff roo x white hen
Buff roo x blue hen
Buff roo x black hen

And, I think they would all still be considered pure bred, but I'm not sure. Am I correct?
You'd get purebred Orpingtons in non-standard colors, but like Katy said, most people want standard colors. Some people on BYC have bred Blues with Buffs and the chicks are very cute. I haven't seen pics of the grown birds, though. I'm not sure what you'd get mixing colors with white and black. It could vary some.
I don't sale the birds, and even if I did I would be sure to let any perspective buyer know EXACTLY what they were getting. I am just trying to figure the genetics out and would like to know what would come out of these crosses.
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I would be unhappy me those would be considered mutts....reasoning would be I could not breed them and get a pure chick or sell the eggs as ...splash or white in each of those I would have to have a rooster of that specific or a white orp roo....
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I think most of you misunderstand my intentions. I don't want to sell these birds the second question was just a last minute addition b/c I was curious if they would be considered pure breeds.

The main thing I wanted to know was what the crosses would look like if I crossed them.

Have a buff roo, and would like to buy some hens to go with him. I am going to buy a buff hen so I can get some true pure breeds, but I was wondering what would happen if I bred him with the other colors. Does anyone know what they would look like or maybe even have some pics?
You'd get some interesting, colorful birds! Go for it.
I have seen some and with Black and buff it turned out black with red on the wings. with the blue buff mix you can get a varience of blue under feathering with some reddish buff on wings to black lacing on the breast area. I don't know about white. Usually white might produce white or you might just get buff with the hidden gene recessive.. I have a cockeral named sunshine from a Splash over buff cross and he is cream and brown in unusual ways. Of course he will not be in my breeding pens. Probably give to a friend. He hatch brown.

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