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11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
We are in the process of moving out into the country and building a house, and when we get out there I want to breed Barnevelders. Two reasons being I love
their coloring, and they are supposed to be really docile. I plan to try and get some eggs maybe this early spring
since we are still in the city and have no room for chicks. ( And we don't want little roosters running around crowing until we move to the country so they won't bother anyone) , but I also realize that the gene pool for Barnevelders in the US is kind of slim when you look for good quality. So could someone explain the genetics simple enough for someone in high school, Although I am exceptionally gifted in science some stuff still might go over my head. I know I might have to cross or back-cross or at least I think that is what you call it. What breeds might I want to cross to I know it depends on the traits I would like to enhance, but could someone explain how to cross and then get it back to barnevelder ? Like if I wanted darker eggs or larger/smaller body build how would I go about improving the breed ? Anyway help is appreciated as I would like to think about all I will need and be educated before I go on a egg buying spree this spring
hates having an empty incubator but must restrain myself.There is someone on BYC that has Barnevelders that I really like but I can't remember who, would know the name if I heard it, they had some on ebay recently. so I think that is who I will most likely get them from, if they are still selling this spring.

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Jul 19, 2008
I have worked with barnevelder in the past. I would be careful getting barnevelder from e bay. You have no idea of what you will be getting. People can say just about anything and you have to trust what they are saying about the birds breeding.

If you want to start with dark egg layers, get them from a breeder that has a reputation as a good barnevelder breeder.

If you can not find a breeder, then get some from a hatchery because that is what you will most likely get on e bay. Then work with the hatchery birds. The hatchery birds will not produce dark eggs.

I have thought about starting a dark egg project with barnevelders but I do not have the room. Toooooo many other projects.

I can explain the genetics but it would be best to post pictures of the birds and then determine what to do to improve a phenotype..

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