Getting Down and Dirty-Chicky Proctology

Jess ChickCrazy

In the Brooder
May 20, 2015
Hello friends!! So, today brings all sorts of poop issues/questions. Two of 6 chicks have pasty butt. Cleaned it off. OMG was that fun, NOT! The complaining-you'd have thought I was killing them!! I followed the suggested advice, with warm water, a little vaseline after etc. Now, my questions are;

What would cause pasty butt? Food is medicated, they have electrolytes and probiotics added to their water to make a sort of chick "gatorade". It's not too hot, it's not too cold in brooder. They are not fussy or complaining at all. Well, except Happy Feet and she complains when you leave her. She's already sooo spoiled and wants to be held all the time! We had that sudden mystery death, so I am assuming it was an unknown infection or something?

If the hen was raising the chicks and they got pasty butt, would she clean it off with her beak or something?

Since this is likely to reoccur, does it happen also when they are hens? If so, how do you know? Do you literally go check every single chickens butt every day? Or do you just let what happens, happen?

Thanks, y'all!!

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