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    Well, I've finally decided to take the plunge and get sheep. I'll be getting a yearling ewe, 2 ewe lambs, and a ram lamb the end of May. They're all dorper/katahdin mixes. I've been doing my research, and I'm getting confused. How large of a pasture will 4 sheep need? I know I can supplement them with grass hay if need be, but do they need sheep feed too? We'll be emlarging our llama pasture for them, so I want to make sure we fence a large enough space for them. Thanks for the help!


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    An acre of fertile mixed grass will sustain a dozen or so head of meat sheep through the summer. We used two 3/4 acre lots, swapped them out from time to time to allow regrowth. Our sheep were inside for winter- except the rams. So the mums could stay clean and warm and fat for lambing.

    unless theyre lambing or bulking up for the freezer they dont need anything more than grass. If you're grass is poor quality throw a small round bale in there to munch on. Salt block for choice.

    I wouldnt give vitamins, it opens the door for more problems. You can get your soil analyzed and see just what you're lacking, and then get the appropriate block if you REALLY are that worried.
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    Thanks for the help! I knew this would be more simple than I thought it was. I was going on information overload!!


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