Getting slamed.

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10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Tampa, Florida
I don't know why but it seems that when I ever post something I'm always getting slammed for my thoughts or experiances that I try to share. Whether it is a missed spelled word or I offened someone morals or what every bothers some people. I don't see much of that happening to other members as often. Am I just taking all this to personal or what. I always try to be curtious when I post but there is always someone who just has to say something negitive about my post.

Has anyone else experiance this?

Thanks for listening and have a Great Day!
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I would not worry too much...there is always someone who has to throw rocks for some reason or another no matter where you are or what you are doing...I know people who would be mad if you gave them a million dollars 'cause it wasn't two million...don't let 'em worry you...I don't recall any of your posts or negative responses there to, but I don't live my life for the critics, I live it for me and mine...and if someone does not like wht I am doing, they don't have to watch...know what I mean?
I wouldn't worry about, I'm not grading you lol!! I know a few get upset if everything is not pefect, prefect, perfect,,, but they are few and far between. If everyone had the same education, writing abilities and talents, some of us wouldn't have jobs! Just keep on keepin' on and you'll grow a thicker skin eventuall,,, I'm still working on mine!
You have to have a pretty thick shell when dealing with over 40,000 people, most of them strangers. Hang in there!
Either I am paranoid or it happens to me too. Not for my spelling but for my opinions. People don't like them and so they don't feel I have a right to express them.

Keep on posting! Don't let them get you down.
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