Getting some new family members!!

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    May 15, 2009
    Farmer City, IL
    I am not sure if this is the place to post this and if not I am sorry...

    That being said...

    Many of you know that our farm is called Cherokee Flats. We raise rabbits and chickens (duh!) and I have a bunch of other animals as well....

    Ok, 3 of those animals are hedgehogs.... I am not sure if anyone knows this (if you live in TX you might) but on Dec 15, 09 there was a HUGE raid on US Global Exotics in Arlington TX. Over 26,000 animals were taken into state custody. Well, as of today... the judge ruled that the animals confiscated WILL NOT be returned to the owners of USGE. There is a 10 day holding period on the animals (you can google US Global Exotics and find articles) before they can be released to the SPCA.

    The 726 hedgehogs that were taken (survived) in the raid will be released to the Hedgehog Welfare Society and I will be taking in 2-4 females!! I am also now a HWS Rescue Station (Prairie Chapel Hedgehogs) and can take in unwanted hedgies from local families that can no longer care for them and find them new homes!

    So hopefully withing the next 12-14 days, I will be getting 2-4 new beautiful girls to call family [​IMG] I will also be an overnight holding house for about 10 others so that people north of me in the Chicago area can come and pick up the ones they are taking in.

    These poor girls will most likely be preggo and NOT socialized at all so I will have my work cut out for me!!! But, that's ok.. I LOVE the hedgehogs girls I have and will provide for the ones I get from TX just as I do my girls I have now.

    Once they are here and settled... I will be posting photos I am sure [​IMG]

    If you would like.. you can check out for the website I set up for my Rescue Station and you can look up Prairie Chapel Hedgehogs on Facebook!

    Now to come up with names..........

    Blessing to all for a happy healthy new year...
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Good Luck to you and your new babies! It is wonderful that you are fostering these animals. It makes me happy to think god made people like you.
  3. AkTomboy

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    Apr 21, 2009
    DJ, Alaska
    Good job giving them a loving home. I miss my lil Shauna and Kona they were such good lil goobers [​IMG]
  4. sfw2

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    I was born in the UK, and I have to chuckle hearing Hedgehogs refered to as "exotics". I know they're not native here, but we used to have them in our back yard in England. Love 'em!!!

  5. WindDancer

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    May 15, 2009
    Farmer City, IL
    I am very excited about adding these new family members to my home. My 3 girls now are excited about getting new sisters!!!! Matter of fact, you KNOW I love my hedgies when you get $200 for Christmas in cash and get yourself a $20 shirt and spend $180 on supplies for the girls LOLOL hubby just laughs [​IMG]

    I know my 3 now are little goobers... but Like my 3 human children (and hubby) I wouldnt change it for the world!!!!

    Will post updates as I know what's going on!

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